By joining us, you will be part of a dynamic and growing company. Ideally located in a pleasant region, La Précision is a company where human values are strong, the know-how and skills of each individual are valued to allow you to evolve within the company.

Our technologies

We provide you with our know-how and expertise through the use of our patented processes. We are constantly investing in our production facilities to remain at the forefront of technology and innovation and to develop new techniques such as metal additive manufacturing by laser fusion


We work alongside our customers throughout their projects by providing them with a complete solution. We pay particular attention to the finish of our manufactured parts, no matter the requirement: hardness, colour, surface finish, anti-corrosion protection, no burrs, identification, specific packaging... La Precision has mastered over twenty different in-house finishing technologies. About ten finishing technologies are also available through our qualified subcontractors.

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• Grinding, lapping, brushing, burnishing
• Heat treatments
• Surface treatments
• Electrochemical deburring
• Electro-polishing
• Polishing, sand blasting
• Laser marking
• Assembly
• Kitting
• Adequate packaging

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