At the heart of our DNA, innovation

"Our long-term vision and pioneering spirit lead us to always seek innovation, in both our methods and our processes. La Précision's R&D teams work continuously in-house and support its partners' design offices in several areas:"

Search for new and innovative ways of doing things
Development of innovative processes
Qualification of special processes
Design (CAD for additive manufacturing)
Industrialization of the most complex parts
Maxime Brunel

Maxime Brunel

R&D Manager

"We are always looking for innovation to better serve our customers. For us it is essential to constantly monitor new technologies, to question ourselves and to imagine the processes of tomorrow. We test our teams to keep in mind that it is not by doing like everyone else that we differentiate ourselves!"

Quality approach

La Precision Industry places high value on the security that our products provide to customers and end users, whether they are passengers of an airplane assembled with components from our productions, or patients using a medical device from our company.

Compliance with customer requirements, regulations, and the highest certification standards are at the heart of our concerns. We permanently maintain an organisation certified by the latest versions of ISO 9001, ISO 13485 standards and EN 9100, and our establishment is registered with US authorities from the FDA.

La Precision Industry aims to fully satisfy its environment: service rates and other objectives expected by our customers fully mobilise our teams, through risk and opportunity management methodologies, process control, continuous improvement and training.

We strive to satisfy our employees by developing a safe and rewarding work environment for each of them.

We also contribute to the satisfaction of our suppliers and shareholders, by developing relationships based on sustainability.

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