Facts & figures

years of experience in precise micro-mechanics
revenue made abroad
revenue is allocated to R&D

Our fields of activity

Our experience and production resources enable us to meet the needs of cutting-edge industries. We support our customers in their development by providing our industrial expertise for the manufacture of high-precision components and subassemblies. Our production unit is suitable for the manufacture of complex parts. We are involved from production to delivery, ensuring a very high level of finishing.

We are recruiting

By joining us, you will be part of a dynamic and growing company. Ideally located in a pleasant region, La Précision is a company where human values are strong, the know-how and skills of each individual are valued to allow you to evolve within the company.

Cutting-edge technologies

La Précision Industry has a long-term vision and invests in new technologies to be ever more innovative and to offer our customers new, adapted and high quality processes. We provide you with our know-how and expertise through the use of our patented processes. We are constantly investing in our production facilities to remain at the forefront of technology and innovation and to develop new techniques such as metal additive manufacturing by laser fusion

Sliding headstock turning

Fixed headstock machining



Quality Control

Additive Manufacturing

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