Our technologies

We provide you with our know-how and expertise through the use of our patented processes. We are constantly investing in our production facilities to remain at the forefront of technology and innovation and to develop new techniques such as metal additive manufacturing by laser fusion

Additive Manufacturing

We are capable of designing and industrialising parts specifically for additive manufacturing. Our know-how in remanufacturing rough printed parts and finishing enables us to provide you with durable and reliable solutions for mass production. Hence, we can meet your new technical requirements (features, weight, dimensions, assembly simplification, etc.) and create breakthroughs regarding costs, qualities and deadlines.

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A dedicated representative assists you from co-design to delivery of your finished product, including material and process qualification
• Manufacturing expertise (re- machining and finishing processes)
• Materials: Titanium, Stainless steel, Aluminium, Steel...
• Dimensions: 200x200x200mm
• Tolerances: 0.1 mm (raw surfaces) ± 5 microns (re-machined surfaces) 
• Quantity : 50 to 1000 parts

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Our partnership with Poly-Shape

Use case

Medical application

La Précision Industry supports inventors in the design, prototyping & industrialization of their ideas

Opto-electronic application

La Précision Industry develops a «contactless» fiber optic connector for applications in harsh environments.

Hydraulic application

La Précision Industry offers its expertise in metal additive manufacturing and thus provides its customer with a solution for improving the manufacturing of a hydraulic assembly in the aeronautics sec...

Dental application

In this practical case, La Précision Industry is moving from traditional machining to metal additive manufacturing, for the production of custom-made dental abutments.

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