Medical application

Since its creation in 1904, La Précision Industry has specialized in manufacturing of micromechanical parts for the medical market.
La Précision Industry has always encouraged, accompanied & supported innovation. This ability to test, develop, adjust & produce allows the company to mobilize the best employees in order to acquire know-how & experience.


Initialization of a research program

  • The encounter :

Mr Claude DEPERY met an ambitious young graduate with a specific idea :

Create a medical instrument to improve surgical practice
The idea is daring and seduces Mr Claude DEPERY who decides to mobilize the subsidies, the resources and qualified people to support him and make this project a reality.


  • The idea : 

Design an endoscope that accesses areas not normally accessible

  • A rigid arm
  • A precise and solid wire control
  • An easily cleanable & sterilizable product
1st prototype inconclusive
  • A non adapted grip to the function
  • Difficult handling (two hands required)
  • Too fragile wire control


Realization of a functional prototype

After 5 years of research, testing and industrialization, the endoscope is finalized 
  • One-handle grip
  • Grip = miniaturization of the mechanics for strong angulation & 360° rotation
  • Rigid arm for precise & articulated guidance
  • A precise & solid wire control
  • Device easily cleanable & sterilizable


Pioneer Spirit, a quality that drives La Precision Industry to


  • Look for innovation
  • Support inventors
  • Explore innovative and offbeat ideas in relation to the markets
  • Mobilize resources to execute a research and industrialization program
  • Obtain a patent

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