Hydraulic application

For more than 40 years, La Précision Industry has been supplying components for complete hydraulic systems. In this case, we present to you the approach taken by our metal additive manufacturing experts to redesign a component, while maintaining its functionality and meeting aeronautical quality requirements.

1. Facts

Our starting point


Complex machining: through traditional machining, respect for the total tolerance chain is difficult to obtain on the complete assembly. The tightness of the assembly is a critical requirement for the customer.


Management of the value chain: in the classic configuration, several part references and their supply chains have to be managed.

Technical property

Weight gain: this is a particularly sought-after objective in aeronautics.

2. Solutions

By redesigning the model via additive manufacturing, our R&D teams redefined the geometric boundaries of the part, while respecting the initial main function. These parts are produced in batches and the machining is carried out directly on the plate before cutting the plate.

An optimized manufacturing process

Reduced risk of leaks  of the complete assembly
Management of 7 components against  1 single block
Technical property
- 15%  of mass reduction

3. To remember

  • The unique perimeter of the part is too often restrictive. Economic relevance arises when there is a rethinking of the initial design (as in this case) and / or of the entire value chain.
  • The metal additive manufacturing is only one step in the manufacturing process. It is also necessary to think post-process: identify operations, quantify costs from the design stage, without being afraid of completely overhauling the production range.

  • Think about the efforts to be made on the qualification of a new product which is sometimes more advantageous by integrating additive manufacturing from the start of the project, rather than as part of a retrofit of an existing part.


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