Opto-electronic application

For customer needs in the field of connectors, La Précision Industry develops a «contactless» fiber optic connector for applications in harsh environments.

1. Our starting point


Development of a "contactless" glass fiber connector for applications in difficult environment (outside, military, ...)


Obtain dimensional and geometric characteristics on the lens body allowing:


  • the ferrule / lens alignment after assembly 
  • a very close and stable focal length to obtain the desired collimation performance
  • a lens / body seal
  • an assembly without damaging the lens surface  

2. Our expertise

In this case, La Précision ensures the insert's machining, the supply of the different components (split sleeves, lens, etc.), asssembly and controls.

Very high precision machining and assembly
Precise adjustments by microns and lens / body assembly process by driving in, with:
  • Insertion loss < 2 dB
  • Tightness 99.9% in the Helium test at 10E-9 atmosphere
Product performance

Complies with market standards, avoiding the use of glue







  • A product more resistant to aging
  • Less risk of damage to the lens by glue
  • A more stable, faster and more economical assembly process


3. Applications

La Précision offers you all lens / metal and/or ceramic / metal, waterproof and of high precision opto-electronic assembly solutions.

Typical Applications

  • Navigation systems
  • Flight control systems
  • Multimedia equipment
  • Mobile communication centers

Requested environments

  • High temperatures
  • Very low temperatures
  • Moist environments
  • Vibrations

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